Hey, there! As a visual designer & art director who primarily works in building brand identity and storytelling, I am also invested in conceptual art infused with social issues, feminine consciousness, and self-identity content.

I was born and raised in Shaanxi, China, and lived in California from 2012 to 2019, where I received my BA at UCLA in Design Media Arts, allowing me to nurture and develop true contemporary practices, which includes multimedia experimentation such as typography, graphic design, branding, digital fabrication, printing, photography, video, video games, 3D modeling, virtual and augmented reality, creative coding, and interaction, etc. Having exposed to a variety of new media allows more communicative options to be applied, so as to enhance my ideas of visual expression and storytelling. With the addition of my multicultural background, it is in my natural habitat to embrace hybridity in every aspect of creative production.    

In the past, I had experience working with different studios and companies such as The Laugh Factory, Janessa Leoné, and San Carlos Auto Solutions. Working with these small to medium-sized companies granted me the opportunity to work closely with the founders and consultants. As such, my main focus was on brand image designing, researching, and promoting. These experiences not only enhanced my ability to explore the differentiation in each brand but also empowers my knowledge in utilizing symbolism of a brand in a thoughtful manner.

Therefore, as a designer who helps clients to solve their business problems, I am passionate and enjoy creating a relationship or a connection between a brand and an emotional perception of the viewers to generate uniqueness and distinctiveness from other companies. In other words, to endow products or services with the power of a brand is a fun journey for me. 

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